1800 Stanley Steemer

What to Look for in an Expert Carpet Cleaning Service

If you’re looking to hire an expert carpet cleaning service, then do the right thing and call 1800 Stanley Steemer [1-800-STEEMER® (1-800-783-3637)] or visit 5500 Stanley Steemer Parkway, in Dublin, Ohio. Stanley Steemer is the leading provider of carpet cleaning services in the United States.

Here’s why they are so good…

#1: They have a great customer service.

#2: Their technicians are unfailingly polite and professional and provide a great in-house experience.

#3: They are true professionals when it comes to carpet cleaning and do their job with great efficiency and with minimum fuss.

Many homeowners who have hired Stanley Steemer’ cleaning services have been quite impressed with them. A number of tests have been conducted on their carpet cleaning services and they have come out with flying colors every time.

Stanley Steemer is rated very highly by customers on appointment set-up and interactions. Their technicians arrive on time, provide great customer service and do a thorough job of the carpet cleaning. Their services are also cost-effective, at just 22 cents per square foot on an average, cheaper than what you get with other cleaning services such as Chem-Dry of Home Depot and Service Master.

Why else should you call 1800 Stanley Steemer?

Stanley Steemer is the biggest carpet cleaning service in the United States, there is no other service that comes anywhere close. You are probably familiar with their iconic yellow vans – they are a constant presence on the roads in most cities in the country. Let’s understand why their services are still popular, although it has been over 70 years since this company has been around.

 Reason #1: Stanley Steemer’s services are available across the United States. In fact, they cover 95% of the U.S. population. You will find their offices across the country, such as at 5500 Stanley Steemer Parkway, in Dublin, Ohio.

Reason #2: They provide a high quality carpet cleaning experience, and deliver consistent cleaning with a 100% of customer satisfaction.

Reason #3: They have a great customer support which is very responsive to customer concerns and resolve all issues quickly and efficiently. You may call their customer support number at 1800 Stanley Steemer [1-800-STEEMER® (1-800-783-3637)].

Reason #4: Their carpet cleaning services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their technicians will arrive at your house at a time of your choice.

Reason #5: They use high quality cleaning equipment, which they manufacture themselves.

Reason #6: They employ only trustworthy technicians, who are experienced and well trained. They make it a point to put all employees through a thorough background screening before hiring them. All of their technicians are a part of the in-house staff – they don’t sub-contract their work like many cleaning services are known for.

Reason #7: They use highly efficient cleaning techniques and are capable of removing 94percent of all common household allergens from your carpets.

These are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider calling 1800 Stanley Steemer [1-800-STEEMER® (1-800-783-3637)] if you need carpet cleaning or any cleaning service.