5 carpet cleaning tips

Does it look like a hard and tedious task to clean your carpet? Do you have those stubborn food marks on your light coloured carpet?  Is it difficult to find time for vacuuming? Well, if you follow a few simple tips then you could have a sparkling clean carpet to flaunt. Here is a look at some of these simple tips.

5 carpet cleaning tips

  1. Plan your cleaning schedule 

Yes, it could be difficult to find time for cleaning a wall to wall carpet regularly. However, it should be easier if you pick spots and clean them according to priority. Ideally a carpet should be cleaned at least once a week. However, if you have kids, pets and a busy home life, then you should be looking at a more frequent cleaning routine.

Pick the most used spots of the house and have them cleaned every alternate day, if possible. The area where kids sit and play, or where they eat, or where most of the family spends time together. These are the places that are bound to get a few stains, pick such spots and clean them regularly instead of cleaning the whole carpet.

Also, schedule a leisurely carpet cleaning day once a week when you will clean the entire carpet of the house. However, if you tackle the tough spots regularly, then this should not take too long.

  1. Use carpet shampoo wisely

Some people feel that the more carpet shampoo you use, the better. That is not true. Use just as directed in the bottle for carpet cleaning. Make sure you use water to thin down the shampoo and apply it all over the area while keeping in mind that you do not wet the carpet too much. If the carpet gets too wet then you will have to spend more time drying it. You should use a brush to apply the shampoo all over the affected areas and then vacuum when the carpet is dry.

  1. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

It is needless to say that you need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner that is ideal for your home and built. Look for the perfect height that you are comfortable with and make sure that you could manoeuvre it easily. Also, get a vacuum cleaner that is easy to maintain and clean.

  1. Keep the vacuum bag and filter clean

A vacuum cleaner with clean bag and filter will do the job faster and save time for you. If there is dust and debris in the bag from previous cleaning, it will slow down the process of current cleaning.

  1. Use door mats

Use doormats around the entrances in the house so that the dust and soil doesn’t enter the house and its carpet. There are different kinds of doormats available in the market, some suited better for dry dust, while others are better for wet soil. Pick the one that suits your lifestyle and keep the dust out of your door.

Finally, cleaning a carpet more often improves its longevity. So get into the habit of carpet cleaning.