5500 Stanley Steemer Parkway

A Quick Review of Stanley Steemer Cleaning Services in Dublin, Ohio

If there is one company that has become a byword for carpet cleaning services in the United States, that’s Stanley Steemer. They have been around for more than 70 years now and their yellow trucks are an iconic presence across all cities in America.

This carpet cleaning service covers more than 95% of the U.S. population and has a presence almost everywhere in the country, including at 5500 Stanley Steemer Parkway, in Dublin, Ohio. You may call 1800 Stanley Steemer [1-800-STEEMER® (1-800-783-3637)] to hire their services at any time of your choice.

Stanley Steemer began as a small one-man operation in Columbus, Ohio, but has since grown into a major force, with a presence across 280 locations in 49 states. They are well known for providing a highly professional carpet cleaning service.

But carpet cleaning is just one of the many services they provide – they clean upholstery, hardwood floors, tile and grout and much more. They use only their own cleaning equipment, which are fast and super efficient.

About 5500 Stanley Steemer Parkway, in Dublin, Ohio

The Dublin, Ohio branch of Stanley Steemer has been around for a number of years now. Their Dublin, Ohio franchise is the principal franchise of the company and has a proud history that goes back to 1946. They provide a high quality service and have a staff of about 50 with 20 trucks with specialized cleaning equipment.

All employees at Stanley Steemer ar professionally screened and properly vetted. The background checks are made by professionals and nothing is left to chance during the hiring process. The employees are drug tested at regular intervals to ensure that they are fully capable of discharging their duties.

All employees at the company carry certifications from industry associations such as CRI, NADCA and IICRC. They receive training from certified trainers from the company.

 Cleaning Services Provided by Stanley Steemer

Residential Carpet Cleaning – Stanley Steemer provides very professional residential cleaning service. They make use of truck-mounted machines which spray hot water (at 212 degrees Fahrenheit) and cleaning solutions at great forces onto the carpets. This method is more effective than carpet shampooing as there is no soap residue left behind. This kills all the mold, allergens and mildew spores.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – The company provides commercial carpet cleaning to local businesses or offices. They also clean rugs, upholstery and make sure that your carpets look as good as new. They can help restore your carpets after water or fire damage.

Additional Residential Services – Stanley Steemer offers a range of residential cleaning services other than carpet cleaning. They clean the area rugs, hardwood floors, tile and grout, leather, cars and trucks and much more. They also clean air ducts and dryer vents. You can trust them completely.

Stanley Steemer has a great customer support which is responsive, friendly and professional. You can call them anytime, any day at 1800 Stanley Steemer [1-800-STEEMER® (1-800-783-3637)] for help with a range of residential and commercial cleaning. Or you could simply walk into their office at 5500 Stanley Steemer Parkway, in Dublin, Ohio to make a booking.