Area rug cleaning

Area rug cleaning- clean rug, beautiful space

Rugs enhance the look of any residential or commercial landscape. Depending on the needs the rug size can be large or small. Similarly depending on the rest of the decor and budget, the rugs can be traditional or modern. But maintaining rugs are a different task, as cleaning them can be a task. Therefore, for this purpose, there are many professional rug cleaners available who help you clean your rugs at very affordable rates. They handle your precious rugs with care.

Types of rugs

There are many traditional and modern rugs available in the market, from which people choose and buy according to their taste and home decor designs. Area rugs differ in size, materials and built. Each area rug requires different cleaning services due to their different making. Some of the rug types include: Braided or rope rugs, Woollen rugs, handmade rugs and Synthetic or polyester rugs.

Few techniques of rug cleaning

There are few basic care rug cleaning services as well as special rug cleaning services offered by the professional cleaners. Different types of rugs require different techniques of cleaning. The various cleaning techniques used by the professionals are:

  • Vacuum cleaning: One of the basic rug care services provided by the cleaners. This blow-dry cleaning cleans all the dust particles, animal hair, residue soil and dirt from the rug.
  • Immersion cleaning or wet cleaning: in this type of cleaning, the rugs are carefully checked for any kind of color bleeding, tears or cloth ripping. Once tested the rugs are hand washed with cold water and dried properly under shed, away from direct sunlight.
  • Dry cleaning or non-toxic chemical cleaning: this relatively expensive cleaning is needed for rugs with delicate or soft natural fibers. Gentle dry chemicals are used to retain the rug shine and the rugs feel soft and new.
  • Cleaning by dirt extraction: this modern technique of cleaning is ideal for synthetic or low cost rugs and is not recommendable for rugs made of natural fibers. This technique of rug cleaning is quick and the cost of cleaning too is low. In this method the rugs are cleaned with warm water and the dirt is removed by powerful machine suction.

How much does professional area rug cleaning cost?

Charges for cleaning area rugs depends on a number of factors like quality of the rugs, material used, on the type of cleaning technique used, on the size of the rug and on the different service packages provided by the cleaners. Most of the rug cleaners charge per sq ft charges for cleaning any area size rugs.

Cleaning services Medford

The area rug cleaning service providers listed in Craigslist Medford are registered trusted rug cleaners. These highly experienced cleaning providers are local business operators with wonderful customer service facilities. The cleaners are fully insured companies with helpful, fully trained staff members and their cleaning rates are cheap and affordable. The customer satisfaction level is high and most of the cleaning companies have very good customer feedbacks. All types of rugs are properly taken care and gently cleaned.