Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning 101: Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are no doubt one of the essential things, which we can find inside our homes. These can make or break the entire look of our room. This is also the main reason why the majority of people consider having carpets in their homes so their home will look classy and elegant as they should be.

However, this is true only under one condition. Carpets normally look their best particularly when they are still new and clean. A newly installed carpet would pull the look of the simplest room. Further, the majority of carpet owner make it a point to keep the cleanliness of their carpets.

Carpet Cleaning

Effective Carpet Cleaning for Stain Removal

Almost each home has a carpet as a necessity, as it helps make the house and floor warm all year round. Carpets are also utilized as décor in many homes, as different designs and colors are better to look at. However, those carpets are susceptible to dirt and dust. Some stains are stubborn to clean, and it might take ages before the stain come off from the special mat.

Even though there are many different techniques of cleaning carpets, cleaning materials and special detergents are needed to make the cleaning process worthwhile. If you’ve been dealing with a carpet stain and still worried how it can become clean and look new again, maybe it’s time you tried carpet cleaning professionals.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

  • Carpet Absorbent Technique – This is a technique utilized when cleaning organic dirt and other sorts of materials, which dissolve in water. This technique covers spraying water with solvents on the affected area, offering the carpets some time to soak and melt the stain, and vacuuming the area. Further, this method consumes very little time. Drying time for carpets cleaned utilizing this method is minimal as well.


  • Bonnet Technique – Bonnet technique is a method utilized for stubborn stains on particular parts of a carpet. It’s a dry cleaning process where the rotating brush is utilized to scrub off dirt and stains from specific areas of the carpet. Just a minimal number of water is utilized in this cleaning method. It’s effective for cleaning areas in a carpet, which have stubborn stains. However, special biodegradable detergents are advised when utilizing this cleaning technique.


  • Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is the most cleaning method, which most people use. It consists vacuuming the carpet to get rid of solid dirt materials from the carpet. Once this is done, the carpet is exposed to pressurized hot steamy water to get rid of stains and other types of dirt. To better clean dirt and make it look new, you need to spray some detergent on your carpet. The detergent is allowed to work on dirt thru dissolving down the stubborn dirt from the carpet.


  • Shampooing – This is a cleaning technique where a shampoo solution is utilized to clean carpets. The majority of carpet cleaners make use of two methods every time cleaning with shampoo. You will find a wet shampoo cleaning method wherein the carpet material is being soaked in a shampoo solution. It is then vacuumed dry to eliminate dirt materials. On the other hand, another shampooing method is the usage of aerosol foam shampoo. Through this, shampoo is being sprayed on the carpet, after which the solution is let to dry. Vacuuming performs the cleaning method. One thing to remember is to when using shampoo – using ammonia-based shampoo might leave the foul smell after the cleaning process.

Perks of a Carpet Cleaning

Carpets do really beautify your home and office; however, this is not just the benefit of your carpets. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis offers you with countless benefits. The following are some of the visible benefits of cleaning your carpets.

Health Benefits of Cleaning your Carpets

You are aware that carpet cleaning covers a huge number of health benefits. An excellent cleaning process helps you to eliminate dirt off your carpets. Further, it removes various particles like dust mites, thus, having a healthy setting after the cleaning.

Additionally, carpets, which have not been properly cleaned, can bring a lot of health problems. Experts recommend that homeowners must learn the proper cleaning methods before setting up carpets in their homes. Today, many different cleaning methods are available but one must earn the most effective ones.

Removal of viruses, fungus, bacteria and dust mites

Carpets serve as filters, which trap dirt, dust and different sorts of microscopic contaminants. With the help of a professional carpet cleaner, you can eliminate the dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungus. This will keep the health of the carpets and your family.

Removal of organic waste

Opting to a professional cleaner is an ideal option if you’re not familiar with cleaning the carpet. They can use the proper cleaning techniques to remove organic waste from skin cells, pet waste, blood, urine, vomit and so on. Further, the cleaning will remove the foul odors produced by your dirty carpet, therefore creating an enhanced atmosphere.

Removal of harmful dirt and dust

Did you know that the humid air hardens the loose soil in your carpets? As a result, it becomes more complicated to get rid of the hardened soil off the carpet with the use of regular cleaning methods. This soil serves as a sandpaper that slowly wears down the carpet fiber. When nothing is done to fix the issue, the carpet might become severely damaged.

Apart from taking care of the maintenance of your carpets, you must have them cleaned by a skilled and expert professional cleaner at least every once or twice a year. This will make your carpet stand the test of time and will keep on beautifying your home for years to come.

To sum up, cleaning carpets regularly is a necessity base on the reasons mentioned above. Regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional cleaner – if you’re not skilled enough – will save you a massive amount of money. Thus, don’t underestimate the significance of cleaning your home carpets if you like to stay healthy, maintain your home beautiful and save cash.