Chem Dry VS Stanley Steamer

Chem Dry VS Stanley Steamer

As far as carpet cleaning is considered, you may actually get for different types of carpet cleaning services. Cleaning your carpet at home by yourself is one of the most difficult tasks. This is especially if you don’t have enough time of cleaning it due to your busy working schedule. In addition to that, your carpet may appear to be too dirty and may be too large for you to clean.

If you don’t have the time to clean your carpet at home, the only option to consider is to allow a carpet cleaning company of doing the cleaning for you. Using the professional service of carpet cleaning companies will help provide you a clean and durable carpet.

Actually, carpet cleaning companies these days could offer different types of carpet cleaning methods. This is the main reason why you need to choose only the best cleaning method suited to the quality and the type of carpet you have. Two of the most chosen carpet cleaning methods known today include the following; Chem dry carpet cleaning and Stanley Steemer method.

Now, are you familiar with these two carpets cleaning methods? If not, here is a perfect view of the Chem dry vs Stanley Steemer:

Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning

Chem dry carpet cleaning method is usually carried out with the use of dry chemical or dry foam. This is a method that works well with carpets used in most traffic areas wherein a wet cleaning process could add more to the problem. In addition to that, this technique is also used by those people who want to allow their carpets of undergoing deep cleaning processes.

It is actually a common misconception that this technique does not involve the use of water. By just making it a little moist, it will already be an effective method. In this process, it is actually followed by a pre-cleaning process wherein the carpet will be left clean against any grit and heavy soil using pre-conditioner. Your carpet will also be dusted off with some chemicals that work well together through repeated and vigorous brushing using an effective brushing machine.

Your carpet will now be left completely dried for an hour. This will also be followed by a deep vacuuming process in extracting the suspended dirt by chemical.

Chem dry cleaning method offers a lot of benefits that are as follows:

  • Reduced Time of Drying

Since this carpet cleaning method uses only less amount of water, it will only take a short period of time drying the carpet. In fact, you can also walk on your carpet after the cleaning processes have been carried out.

  • Prevent Over-Wetting

Since water is only sprinkled in just a little amount in the carpet, the carpet will therefore not have its over-wet look.

  • No Residue

Chem dry cleaning does not also utilize detergent and water. This method will not leave some residue or mold on your carpet. There will also be no risks for germ incubations because the liquid is not involved in the cleaning process.

  • Safe and Organic

Most professional carpet cleaning service providers today offer Chem dry carpet cleaning method because they know that this method is safe and organic. Chemicals used are also free from toxins. This only means to say that they are proven to be safe from humans and pets at home. The cleaning process does not also bring any unhealthy effects to people who have asthma allergies.

Thus, Chem dry carpet cleaning is an effective method to choose from among the methods. This method also provides you a deeply cleansed and cleaned carpet without any unhealthy mess in the carpet.

Stanley Steemer

In carpet cleaning, Stanley Steemer is one of the best to ask for assistance. They actually utilize innovative processes in cleaning the carpets effectively. You can also walk right after the cleaning process is carried out at the carpet. After the cleaning process, you will also be amazed of seeing the vibrant color and the texture of the carpet.

Stanley Steemer makes use of the wet carpet cleaning method and makes use of innovative extraction of water the carpet. The purpose of which is to ensure that dirt and other unnecessary materials will not be left in the carpet. Unlike other wet carpet cleaning services wherein soap bits and other residues are most often left, Stanley Steemer can assure you that a well-cleaned carpet will be provided to your home.

What To Choose In Between Chem dry vs Stanley Steemer?

Carpet cleaning is very difficult. This is especially if you don’t know where to start and what to do. This is the main reason why asking for carpet cleaning services is necessary. In the battle between Chem dry vs Stanley Steemer, the decision will still be made according to the personal preferences, the quality and type of carpet and the budget you have.

Chem dry and Stanley Steemer are known to be effective as carpet cleaning processes. These two methods can offer a lot of benefits not only to the carpet but even to the health of your family.  In any of which you choose, your carpet and its vibrant colors will be restored. Even the durability and the quality will also be restored at the soonest possible time!