Stanley Steemer 2017

Stanley Steemer 2017 Most homeowners of today are very dedicated to take the value of their houses to the next level. However, due to their busy schedule in office, attending their kids at home or in school and providing the family with their very needs, some of them don’t have much time to clean the area they dwell.

This 2017, things must change for the better. The homeowners should not overlook the importance and value of the place that protect them. Same thing must also need to be done by building owners in commercial locations who cater services or products to their consumers in order to provide healthy offerings. A professional cleaning service for both residential and commercial spaces is needed not just to provide comfort for the family but also to offer safety most of the time. Thus, a thorough cleaning service is needed when concerns for this matter is taking place. If you are one of the meticulous homeowners and business owners around US, then partnering with the reliable service provider is the right thing to do in the first place.

Where to find one? At Stanley Steemer!

Who is Stanley Steemer?

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer 2017

Since 1947 up to this year 2017, Stanley Steemer remains to be the top carpet cleaning service provider in the US. We are founded by Jack A. Bates, who invested $2,300 for a home-based carpet cleaning service. Due to the excellence, Stanley Steemer is able to expand its service while rendering efforts to many discerning homeowners. Currently this 2017, Stanley Steemer is hold by the third generation and remains to be a carpet cleaning company, headquartering in Dublin, Ohio, which has been taken advantaged by many homes and businesses in the place.

What Stanley Steemer Does? 

With the growing demand and with the increasing needs, Stanley Steemer extends its services beyond carpet cleaning and goes all the way by providing other cleaning services, including upholstery, grout, tile, air ducts, as well as 24-hour water restoration services for emergencies. With the national coverage, which includes over 300 locations in the 48 states, our yellow vans are delivering the stellar home and building cleaning equipment, certified and highly-trained technicians, as well as 24/7 response time right to your doorsteps. Seeing this familiar yellow van crossing the neighborhood, people knows that we are just about to take another remarkable effort in order to give back the natural function of another smeared facility or equipment on their place. We pride ourselves to know that most of them are viewing us this way.

From many decades of combined experience, we are able to acquire relevant knowledge while taking all learnings together. Taking all those learnings from many years of existence in the industry, we fully understand the value of every investment that homeowners have. Our methods for proprietary hot water extraction provide care and maintenance that is necessary to extend more years of life for your floors and furnishings. More than just allowing you to save tie we can also help you have a peace of mind, knowing that you are now living in an environment that is safe, healthy and comfortable.