Stanley Steemer 99 Special : World Class Cleaning now Affordable

Stanley Steemer 99 Special : When it comes to cleaning, who better to trust than Stanley Steemer? Founded way back in 1947, it is still family owned and carries forward the same commitment to cleaning excellence that has made it a national phenomena. And how much does the most advanced cleaning service in the world cost? Not much if you use the Stanley Steemer 99 Special Coupon Code. You are assured of world-class professional cleaning for your home, office or retail store at an incredibly affordable price. Just pay $99 and get any residential or commercial property absolutely clean.

So how does the Stanley Steemer 99 Special work? It offers you the freedom to get three spaces clean for just $99. So, for instance, if you are a home owner, you could choose a hall and two bedrooms. And before you know it, your family will be living in a clean and healthy environment. And if you are running a business, you could choose three spaces from your office. For instance, the reception area, the conference room and the CEO’s cabin (being the boss has its perks).

Stanley Steemer 99 Special

Stanley Steemer 99 Special

Stanley Steemer 99 Special

So go ahead, pick and choose the area and get the quality cleaning service you need in this extremely attractive package.

Technology Designed to your Cleaning Needs
Remember the Stanley Steemer 99 Special is backed by the expertise that only Stanley Steemer offers. And how? Well the equipment is manufactured by the company in-house. So that they can be sure that the technology that they are using has been developed by feedback from cleaning experts in the field. Which means that the ones who are cleaning are playing an active role in creating the equipment. After all who understands cleaning better?

Anytime Convenience
A pipe that has leaked and caused a flood in your house. A late night party in your parent’s house (when they are away, of course) has lefts it marks on their favorite Persian carpet and exquisite Italian marble floor? Now there is no reason to panic. Just pick up the phone and dial for the Stanley Steemer 99 Special. It is available 24/7 for just such emergency services. And before you know it, a yellow van will be coming down your driveway and the cleaning experts will have everything well under control.

At a place near you
To bring the finest carpet and floor cleaning service to where it is needed most, Stanley Steemer is available in over 300 locations! Yes, right across 48 states. So no matter what your address is, it is always within the reach of the Stanley Steemer yellow vans. All set to drive to where you are, in just a short while.

Cleans what you need
Carpets are not just the only things that need cleaning. For a healthy home or office, clean floors and furnishings are also equally important (we all know how those old couches collect dust). And that is exactly why though established as a carpet cleaning company, Stanley Steemer has since then has also diversified into floor and furnishing cleaning. So whatever be your cleaning requirement, you can get it for as low as $99! With the ever so affordable Stanley Steemer 99 Special.

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy
It’s only dust. Say that to an asthmatic or someone afflicted by allergy. Improper and unscientific cleaning can lead to innumerable health problems, sometimes even life threatening ones.

Stanley Steemer understands this and has over the years committed itself to developing technology, equipment and expertise to deal with this hazard. Be it from deep seated dust, pollutants or allergens. No wonder then among all the carpet cleaning companies in the world, it was Stanley Steemer which was the first to be certified to be asthma and allergy friendly.

All this is to ensure that you, and everyone important to you have a cleaner healthier environment in which they can work, live and of course, thrive.

The $99 advantage
It’s a heady mix of quality, expertise, experience and convenience. All this coupled with never before affordability! With the Stanley Steemer 99 Special. Because everyone deserves a c lean environment.

Call now. Call whenever you need.
So why hesitate to get the most professional cleaning service in the country? Call for the Stanley Steemer 99 Special now and discover a whole new world of cleanliness and convenience. All for just $99.

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Stanley Steemer 99 Special
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